Performance. Shopper. Media.

Prevailing Path’s focus is to help shopper marketers win the new digital path to purchase. By understanding, managing, and owning the key digital engagement points using content that converts. Our ShopTech content platform is comprised of media, expert shopper community, a proprietary shopper application, and deep analytics.

More media is being created today at a faster rate than ever before. We create, aggregate, and facilitate media for our clients. By carefully selecting and testing the media from our vast media store and our community, our clients are always sure the media that represents their message is the best available on the web.

Unlike any other organization Prevailing Path has a community of individuals that span the spectrum from hyper local to international. This community is the heartbeat of Prevailing path. By harnessing the power of the community we formulate ideas, create world class media, reach shoppers in deeply personal ways, and provide insight not available anywhere else.

Through our proprietary application and platform we are able to funnel the power of our community into actionable results. Our tools allow our clients access to the community in real time and understand how their shoppers are being directly impacted by the media and community.

Self learning neural networks, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Big Data, all these terms are used frequently and to great effect. At Prevailing Path we use tools to understand the constant stream of information and provide that understanding to our clients and community to allow them to make better decisions. We don’t rely on our technology to make decisions – our people do that.

John Andrews

Progressive career of emerging shopper marketing technology.
Creator of Walmart Elevenmoms, Founder of Collective Bias.
Brand marketing + retail marketing
Early ‘people as media’ platform builder
Social shopper marketing category creator

Ted Rubin

Leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist, MC/Host Brand Innovators Summits. In March 2009 started using and evangelizing the term ROR, Return on Relationship, hashtag #RonR.

Books: Return on Relationship, January 2013, How To Look People in the Eye Digitally, January 2015.


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