Pints, Forks & Friends

It started a few years back when our ad crew witnessed a chef cooking a recipe infused with craft beer. The reaction to the food and the conversation it generated among guests was amazing. From that moment, we wanted to bring people together around common interests; a collection of chefs, brewers, friends and great stories, creating a social community that serves the craft beer and restaurant industry.

When we first started out with a previous partner the focus was exclusively on craft beer. First it was reviews, then it shifted to craft beer articles, the we even tried a craft beer tour. We met a lot of people and bloggers, but something was missing. After collaborating with a few friends and readers it made sense to expand the blog covering food and the people enjoying it. We have discovered this to be a huge social trigger.

What happens when you bring people together around common interests?

  • New Friendships
  • New Experiences
  • New Relationships (personal)
  • Business Opportunities
  • Social Good

The last component of our concept is hosting social events around craft beer breweries, and restaurants that are eager to share some of the inner workings of their craft. We are building relationships with local breweries and restaurants to host these socials with a percentage of sales going towards a charity of their choice. Pints, Forks & Friends act as the facilitator bringing everyone together. All of our events will be tracked using the hashtag #PintsForksFriends.


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April 21, 2017

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